APTC 1.6: How to Earn an APTC Certificate of Completion

The APTC Certificate of Completion is achieved by:

  1. Viewing the seven modules, which include five training programs (Modules 2–6).
  2. Reading the designated chapters in “KEY CORE BELIEFS.” 
  3. Completing the Activities in the “KEY CORE BELIEFS” workbook at the end of each module.
    (In lieu of using the KCB workbook, each activity can be downloaded or printed
    using the link provided on the Activities page for each module.)
  4. Passing a brief, open-book “Knowledge Review” (quiz) after watching the videos
    in each module. Each “Knowledge Review” (quiz) can be retaken
    an unlimited number of times until the minimum score of 80% is achieved.
  5. Completing an anonymous evaluation of this training so that the training
    can be improved.