Advanced Parenting for Traumatized Children

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This training provides lessons in trauma-informed care for foster parents.

This 14-hour training program helps foster parents work together better as partners to understand the children in their care, and it gives foster parents the tools they need to help their children develop a positive sense of who they are.

The training consists of a brief pre-training and post-training survey, and seven modules: an introduction, five training modules, and a wrap-up module. Each of the five training modules includes learning objectives, three brief videos, the PowerPoint slides used in each video, a reading assignment, an open-book Knowledge Review (quiz), activities, and optional additional reading.

Those who complete the training receive 14 hours of continuing education credits and a Certificate of Completion. The “KEY CORE BELIEFS” book is included, free, with the training. The activities can be downloaded free from the links provided in each module, or purchased as a 32-page printed workbook.

Course Summary

Module 1: Introducing “Parenting the Traumatized Child”

  • Welcome, and How This Course Works
  • Meet the Team
  • Definition of Terms
  • Introducing “Parenting the Traumatized Child” Training (video)
  • Additional Reading (Optional)
  • How to Earn an APTC Certificate of Completion

Module 2: Understanding Trauma-Informed Care

  • Why is trauma-informed care important?
  • What is trauma?
  • How does trauma affect foster children?

Module 3: Resolving Trauma

  • How do we know trauma is resolved?
  • How do children recover from trauma?
  • What are foster-parent fundamentals?

Module 4: Developing Positive Core Beliefs

  • What are Key Core Beliefs?
  • How do HEART essentials promote Key Core Beliefs?
  • How do Key Core Beliefs affect relationships?

Module 5: Creating Constructive Relationships

  • How can we understand our emotions?
  • How can we develop GREAT relationship skills?
  • How do couples build GREAT relationships?

Module 6: Building Self-Belief Identity

  • What keys strengthen Positive Core Beliefs in children?
  • What other ways can trust be increased?
  • How can foster parents promote Positive Core Beliefs in children?

Watch a demo of the training by scrolling down and clicking the Sample Module button in Module 1.

The course includes free access to the Key Core Beliefs book and Workbook! 

Or you can purchase a hard copy of the book and workbook here:

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