APTC 1.1: Welcome, and How This Course Works


Welcome to “Advanced Parenting for Traumatized Children.”
This training provides lessons in trauma-informed care for foster parents. 

If you’re already a foster parent, you know that a foster child may sometimes be sullen, angry, withdrawn, or even destructive or violent. These children behave this way not because they’re “bad,” but because they’ve been traumatized. We know that all foster children have experienced trauma, because all of them have been separated from their original families. Many have experienced additional traumas.

No matter why you decided to become a foster parent, this training program will teach you how to be more effective with the children you welcome into your family and your home.

How This Course Works

Module 1: Introducing “Parenting the Traumatized Child” Training

Module 2: Understanding Trauma-Informed Care
Why trauma-informed care is important
What trauma is
How trauma affects foster children

Module 3: Resolving Trauma
How to tell when trauma is resolved
Which tools help children recover from trauma
The fundamental skills that foster parents need

Module 4: Developing Positive Core Beliefs
What Key Core Beliefs are
How HEART essentials promote Key Core Beliefs
The ways that Key Core Beliefs affect relationships

Module 5: Creating Constructive Relationships
How to develop GREAT relationship skills
How couples build GREAT relationships

Module 6: Building Self-Belief Identity
The keys that strengthen Positive Core Beliefs in children
Ways that trust can be increased
What foster parents can do to promote Positive Core Beliefs in children

Module 7: Wrapping It Up
Brief review, reading, and activity
How to earn a Certificate of Completion
Evaluation of the APTC training